Corona Simulator Works - Xcod simulator does not

Latest versions of both Corona and Xcode on a OS Sonoma 14.3. Built a game that works just fine on the Corona simulator, but when I build to Xcode simulator it does nothing. i click on it, the screen simulator screen goes black for a split second and goes back to simulator screen. It doesn’t matter what what iOS simulator I choose. The most frustrating part is that it provides no error for me to research. How do I determine what the issue is?

Those can be related. Can you look into it?

Thank you. Unfortunately, neither of these two helped me. Same thing happens. I can run the game just fine in Corona Simulator, but when I build to Xcode iOS simulator it creates the icon (without error) and does the split second black screen when I click on the icon, but it provides no error message.

@vlads should know better but the issue below might be related. Even if it’s not, there seems to be a problem with build 3703 and Xcode at the moment.

Hi. Do you run iOS Simulator on Apple Silicon?
And did the iOS Simulator work on previous versions of Solar2D (before 3703)?

Apple M2, and this is my first time using Solar2d so I don’t have anything to compare it to. However, I did remove 3703 and installed 3702, but I am having the same issue.

Solar2D 3703 does not currently support iOS Simulator on Apple Silicon, I recommend using an iPhone/iPad instead.


May related: [IOS]: runtime bug · Issue #671 · coronalabs/corona · GitHub

The solar2D iOS simulator is working just fine. It’s when I do the build to Xcode iOS simulator that I’m having the issue. Also, I switched to 3702 Solar2D and the build to Xcode iOS simulator isn’t working there either.

Yes. The “Corona Simulator” works on my Apple Silicon mac too.


Xcode iOS Simulator is based on iOS and is not the same platform as iOS on the iPhone.
In the past, Intel Macs used the x86_64 architecture to run iOS Simulator, while iphones generally used the arm64 architecture, so Solar2D used the binary architecture to determine whether it was an iPhone or a Simulator.

In recent years, Apple Silicon (arm64 architecture) has been added to mac. The method has not been updated so there is no export of arm64 iOS Simulator binary on Apple Silicon for the time being.

Thank you for the information. It’s not necessarily good news, but at least it gives me an explanation. I really appreciate it.

You are welcome :smiley:

I also use an Apple Silicon Mac, and I’m not an official Solar2D developer, but I find this problem hard to solve.

I may try to take a look but no guarantees, additionally, also Apple Silicon related issue you may be interested in.

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Wow! You’ve explained two issues I’ve encountered! Lol. The irony of it all is that I switched from a high powered windows laptop to a MacBook Pro in the hopes of making the upload to Apple easier… I should have stuck with what I had and used a converter instead.

A new version came out yesterday - 3704. Unfortunately, still having the same issue. I have decided to just directly code into Xcode. I did a simple math game yesterday and it allowed me to upload to my iPhone with no issues. It’s just going to take some time to manually translate/transfer all my .lua coding into swift… thanks again for the information and help.

Sorry to blow up your inbox… lol. However, with the latest version of Corona and 15.2 Xcode I am now receiving an error message. Unfortunately, when I googled it several other people have received the same error and no one seems to have an answer for it. “The request was denied by service delegate (SBMainWorkspace).” Any suggestions?

Woo Hoo! I got it to load to the Xcode iOS simulator!!! Now I have a new issue. It won’t let me upload/install it to my iPhone. lol… It also won’t let me open the project in Xcode. I assume once it lets me open the project in Xcode then it should let me upload to my phone. I know I can upload from Xcode when I created a project. Any suggestions? (The solution to getting it to upload to the simulator was update to 3704 and on the Corona Simulator turn on “Open using Rosetta”. )

I recommend compiling directly to iPhone and testing your application with iPhone.

iPhone and iPhone Simulator are different platform, like iOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS, they have different hardware, signature, functional etc.
So I guess simply uploading the binary run in the iOS Simulator to iOS, which is the iPhone, shouldn’t work.

I understand, but the problem I’m having is I can’t get my game from solar2d into Xcode. The documentation I read was to use the build function in solar2d to build to Xcode iOS simulator and then that file can be uploaded to iPhone. I don’t see an option to load directly from solar2d to iPhone. (Apologies… I can code games all day long, but I am having a difficult time finding instructions on how to get it from there to the phone. All the instructions I’ve read are old, don’t work, or have run into issues because of various updates.)

It’s working!! I’m stupid… “Copy to device…” I have no excuse :frowning:

Please open issue on docs repo when you encounter such setbacks. Whenever you see something is outdated, please click the “Report an Issue” button at the bottom of that page and file an issue so someone can look into it.