Does anyone know if develephant's S3 Lite plugin is up-to-date?

This is mainly a question for @Develephant (welcome back btw), but if anyone else uses this plugin feel free to chip in.

We’re about to start adding some stuff into the game that will rely on S3, and found this plugin that may save us a lot of time. However it was made some time ago (as far as I can tell it was made in 2017).

Before I get too far along trying it out, I just wondered if it still works with current S3 APIs or if it is now deprecated?


As far as I know it should work. But I have been away from Lua for a while and any programming in general. I am really here just to get back up to speed and hopefully make some games to pay some bills. :thinking:

I’d be surprised if Amazon made any breaking changes to the S3 API. The plugin also uses the most basic of commands.

But let me know otherwise and I’ll see if I can find most current code. No guarantees.


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Let’s make life easy. I opened up the repository for the plugin so anyone can tweak if needed.

If you find any credentials anywhere give me a heads up. :open_mouth:

develephant/s3-lite-plugin: Amazon S3 plugin for Corona (



That’s great, thanks. I’ll give the plugin a try as it is first, and if there’s any issues I’ll see what needs tweaking and make a pull request :+1:

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