Facebook plugin v4a post photo not working

I am trying to post Photo from DocumentsDirectory to Facebook with the help of Facebook v4a plugin.
I have tried Facebook V4a sample App.
it’s not working as expected. there is a variable for photo URL :
“picture” , but it’s not working.

local linkData = {
name = “Facebook plugin for Solar2D”,
link = “https://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/social/usingFacebook/index.html”,
description = “More Facebook awesomeness for Solar2D!”,
picture = “https://solar2d.com/images/logo.png”,
response = facebook.showDialog( “link”, linkData )

it’s only works with Remote URLs , not for local files.

Can anyone help please ?

Yes, I cannot get this to work, either. We need it badly.

I’ll try to make it work.

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Hi Vlad, do you have an update on this?