Feature Requests

What new features and/or changes do you want for Gumbo? Please share your ideas here! [import]uid: 13180 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 307606[/import]


It would be great if right clicking on the lua generated code area would bring up copy code and other context sensitive menus instead of “Silverlight” and “remove application”. These options maybe should be placed elsewhere in the application which is out of the way

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Having the option to freeze an object would be useful. For example freezing a background would stop accidental dragging of it. [import]uid: 24981 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 27261[/import]


It would be nice that Gumbo output newImageRect code instead of newImage so it made developing for different screen resolutions easier :slight_smile: [import]uid: 33866 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 27383[/import]

I just made a new thread about some updates.

@projectcolour: Locked is now in place, and to some degree the copy to clipboard aswell. The reason why you get the “Silverlight” popup is because that’s the default behavior in Silverlight, and I only override it with my own custom popup where I need it.

@cl-apps: Oh, so that’s what it’s for! I’ve seen it being used here and there, but I never really looked into why you’d use it instead of newImage.
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Thanks for the updates.

Few more suggestions.

Change the font colour of the “save as lua file” icon to make it stand out more

  • Right click copy for custom code

  • Allow user to change colour of background from the default black

  • Save button to accompany the save as button

  • A tabbed interface so we can work on multiple levels without the need to open and close files.

  • Undo

These are just suggestions, Gumbo is already excellent and has greatly improved my work rate.
Thank you for putting in the time and effort to produce such an excellent piece of software.
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@cl-apps: Changed!

@projectcolour: Good suggestions. Some things are hard to do though in Silverlight. The “Save” instead of “Save as” is one of those. Silverlight lives in its own sandbox, and it won’t normally give you access to read/write without a dialogbox. There are some ways to get some access, but the user would have to allow it during installation (where it gives all kinds of warnings “This could harm your computer…” etc, and I think that a lot of users would simply not install it at all because of that). Also, it wouldn’t work at all for those who choose to use the web version only.
So you’ll probably have to live without “Save”.

There’s been a few changes with the last update. Be sure to read the thread:

http://developer.anscamobile.com/forum/2011/03/11/latest-updates [import]uid: 13180 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 27981[/import]

Great update Nerderer.
I think you’ll probably know this next question is coming due to the new ‘code block’:

Could it be possible to look into the possibility to incorporate some ‘intellisense’ and/or auto complete of Lua Code?

You might want to get a hold of ‘jobahead’ since he has put his project on hold and already does this with ‘coronado’ (written in .net)

At a minimum, some pieces of ‘snippets’ or pre-populated code might be helpful (ie, settings, config, d-pad code, buttons, etc, etc).

You’re doing an awesome job, keep up the great work.
-RD [import]uid: 7856 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 28011[/import]

Would it be possible to add newImage back into Gumbo or can i download a previous version of Gumbo with it.

Im halfway through my game and have been using newImage [import]uid: 24981 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 28087[/import]

I guess that’s the problem with using a tool that’s a work in progress, since things can change and might break things for some users.

Maybe I should add an option to choose which one you’d like to use. But for now I uploaded a version of the previous version, using newImage.

http://www.nerderer.com/GumboOld/ [import]uid: 13180 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 28129[/import]

@rdcube: Code snippets is something I’ve been planning since the “early days”, so yes, it’ll probably show up sooner or later. [import]uid: 13180 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 28161[/import]

Hi there :slight_smile:
first of all, a great thx for such a great tool, this should be shipped qith corona sdk, so it’s more like flash :slight_smile:

One thing that would be very usefull is a zoom in/out posibility (just by 50% at a time would be nice enough), so you can position your objects with pixel precision (which is hard to do now…)

Also a simple undo is a must :slight_smile: [import]uid: 44010 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 28237[/import]

Oh, and one other thing.
When i reload my project made with gumbo, it saves also the images used for it, and i have them updated, so it would be cool to have a button like “reload” for the graphics, or that images are not saved with the file, but loaded from their original directory.
edit: and another one: when you duplicate an object with a transparent PNG in it, it looses transparency, you must reload the image. [import]uid: 44010 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 28262[/import]

I hadn’t noticed that the background changed on clones. Thanks for telling me. Should be easy to fix. It’s not really that the transparency disappears, it just that the background gets set to white.

The reason why images are saved into the file is because Gumbo doesn’t have the right to read other files than the one you open in the dialog window. There are workarounds, but you’d have install Gumbo locally, give it rights to read/write and place your project in certain folders only.

What could work is that I add a replace-all function, that lets you load an image and select which images should be replaced. [import]uid: 13180 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 28276[/import]

The background on cloned objects should be fixed now. [import]uid: 13180 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 28278[/import]

yes, works perfectly now for the transparency, thanx a lot :slight_smile:

for the reload of images: well, so it’s more of a Silverlight “failsafe”… mayby a button for “refresh” that works only when you have the program installed?

And for the zoom, to have like a 200% and a 300% zoom for fine pixel placement? do you think it will be possible? [import]uid: 44010 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 28282[/import]

Thanks for the old version of Gumbo!

It would be awsome though if you could somehow integrate both newImage and newImageRect maybe via a dropdown menu?

Another feature that i think would be really helpful is the abillity to paste code back into gumbo from our lua files and have the layout appear.

Keep up the good work! [import]uid: 24981 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 28379[/import]

Feature request: Allow me to specify the Reference Point for objects. You’re using center and I write all my code assuming top-left.

Cool tool - thanks!

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@J. A. Whye: A good idea. Actually I also prefer the top left corner, since that’s what I’m used to in other programming languages. I do still use the center when programming in Corona, but I’m not really sure why, since it feels so very wrong!

Anyway, I’ve just updated Gumbo with that feature. [import]uid: 13180 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 29668[/import]

@Nerderer: Love the tool, it does just enough and not too much. My one feature request is support for animation. Either sprite sheets or movie clips, whichever would be easier to implement. Thanks again! [import]uid: 48095 topic_id: 7606 reply_id: 30554[/import]