firebaseAuth and firebaseAnalytics conflict

Hi, I use both Firebase Authentication and Firebase Analytics plugins and when I try to build I get a series of errors like this:

objc[36176]: Class FIRAnalyticsConfiguration is implemented in both /Users/rustysly/Library/Application Support/Corona/Simulator/Plugins/plugin_firebaseAnalytics.dylib (0x14fe71d00) and /Users/rustysly/Library/Application Support/Corona/Simulator/Plugins/plugin_firebaseAuth.dylib (0x159d68d78). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

How can I solve this issue?

Going to reply here because this where you first posted.
The "Class FIRAnalyticsConfiguration is implemented in both " is just a warning and can just be ignored.

The crash issue that you evenly get from using multiple of my firebase plugin on Corona Sim is something I somewhat aware of, I need to try to update Firebase SDK at some point probably in late December(go to take some work) to see if it helps at all( which Iā€™m not to sure about), but for now I would avoid using multiple plugins at the same time on Simulator until get something figured out but this does not occur on iOS or Android.


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thanks for the reply, looking forward to the update.