Forum posts repeated within old topics?

Is it just me or are forum posts being repeated when viewing old forum topics? As an example, I was scrolling through my transition2 topic here: transition2: A customizable extension to the transition library

Posts are repeated, and the timeline jumps back and fourth between 2017-2018 making the topic very hard to follow. Have seen this in many other topics as well.

Could it be just some kind of setting or visual behavior of the new forums? Or is it the actual data that has been corrupted during transfer to the new forums?

My guess is that the content was migrated once to see how the migration works, but that data wasn’t cleared before the final migration was performed. This probably then lead to Discourse just adding duplicate content after existing threads.

Indeed :frowning:
At this point it is very hard to fix this. I think I will make an html copy of old forums, and put them as a static site, which you would be able to read better. Sorry about inconvenience.