Free Plugins Directory: plugins description and documentation

Hi @vlads
Where can I find a description of plugins from this directory and documentation for them? I found something in the engine documentation, but not everything. Thanks.

Sorry. Most of docs available here:

For rest, your best bet is to google…

btw, I recently added ability to provide doc links on directory page directly, but someone needs to organize them.

If you can show me the way, I can get into it. Do you have the corresponding links @vlads ?

This is the links for my plugins in the directory.
plugin.faceDetector - GitHub - jcbnlsn/FaceDetectorPlugin: Face Tracking Plugin for Corona SDK
plugin.notifications.macos - GitHub - jcbnlsn/MacNotificationsPlugin: Corona SDK Plugin Sample Project
plugin.kioskMode - GitHub - jcbnlsn/KioskModePlugin: KioskMode for MacOS - Corona SDK Plugin Sample Project.
plugin.keyboardEvents - GitHub - jcbnlsn/KeyboardEventsPlugin: Corona SDK Plugin Sample Project

Documentation for my GameAnalytics Hyperbid plug-in can be found here: