Freelance Corona Developer in UK (London)

Hi, I am a skilled mobile and web application developer and have been developing with Corona for over 7 years. If you need help with your biz app/game or any other corona project feel free to contact me via pm / mail (

I can help with the following and more:

  • Rapid prototyping for your idea

  • Project Optimization/updates

  • Full app solution from scratch

  • Migrate legacy code to latest libs

  • Web backend support + development

  • Corona Native Integration/builds

  • Custom native plugins development and publishing to marketplace

  • Kwik programming / Kwik 2 to Kwik 3 migration

  • General Tech Consultation and Brainstorming for your idea

  • iOS OnDemandResources support for Corona apps

  • iOS/Android subscription service and management

  • Firebase integration purely through lua (works on simulator)

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Instead of making a new post, just updating this one. Experience well over 2 years now with numerous projects under by belt.

Am available now to take up additional work, am experienced in game development with this awesome SDK and all kinds of business apps, please contact me for further details. Response within an hour so you don’t have to wait long.

Available again and looking for work, 3 weeks window, Corona SDK, nodejs full server/client integration (think drawsome or any other crazy multiplayer app/game), do alot of other stuff also but that wouldn’t be relevant on this forum. Feel free to ping me if need a hand with any development work.

Thank you for your service Hassan! :slight_smile:

I will call you again if I need anything else.


Got 1.5 weeks left before I head off for a 2 week vacation, so if anyone needs some help / work done quickly, hit me up. Can meet in person for London based clients, else skype for the win.



I have recently had the pleasure of working with Hassaan and he is very competent in his knowledge of both Corona and software development in general.

He has been very friendly and willing in every aspect of his work during this time and i would be very confident in recommending his work to anyone.

I will continue to use his expertise both in the current project and in future.

I would also like to wish Hassaan every success in the future.



(CEO Arms and Legs Pte Ltd).

Back in town now, and ready for some serious dev. Let me know if you need any help.



Free again so if anyone needs help with a project or code optimization/general algo implementation done, please do contact me via pm.



Been working with Hassaan on a project lately and he is great to work with.  Prices are reasonable and turnaround is fast.  Will definitely keep working with him in the future. 

We have had absolute pleasure of working with Hassaan on our mobile game. He brought a wealth of experience and insight into the project, was very easy to communicate with, and then delivered the programming objectives in a short period of time for a very fair price. He is certainly our “go-to” guy for the rest of this project and any projects going forward, knowing that we can trust his skills and efficiency. Look forward to working with Hassaan again soon. If you are looking for someone to help program your app, we highly recommend him!

Have some free time again starting sunday, so if anyone is in need of development help, feel free to contact me so we can get it sorted :slight_smile:

Hello folks, been extremely busy and just got freed up again, so if anyone has some work that needs to be done or requires help/consulting for development work, feel free to ping me at any time.


Hi Hassan :slight_smile:

i dont have money, but i’ve got codes… wanna take a peek and help me out with a tiddy bit logic??

Hey there, feel free to pm me and possibly can take a look at it for ya :slight_smile: , no guarantees though.

done, send  the mail on gmail :slight_smile:

Freed up for a spell again to share some Corona love. If anyone needs some work done. feel free to ping me at anytime :).

Hey man, been a pleasure working with you. Can’t wait to do more in the future. ttyl



can you help me with an app which i want to design?


Sure please pm me with details and we can discuss.


I can not say enough good stuff about Mr. Raza.  When it comes to fixing error codes, he handles it.  When it comes to taking care of updates or any request, it’s done.  When it comes to advice on what routes to take on your App or game to take it to the next level, he is the expert.  Mr. Raza is hands down the best developer I have ever worked with and will be the only one TMVTC works with…  Hes on time,reliable, fast with delivery and no BS!!! The perfect for our business.  Extremely recomended.  Any further questions on wether you should work with this guy can be sent directly to my email at or 1-888-727-0006.