Game Center Plugin Bugs

Vendor: Scott H Tech (@Scott_Harrison)

Plugin link:

Test Device: iPhone X (iOS 14)
Corona Version: 2020.3626 (2020.11.5)

There is a bug in the gamecenter plugin.

  1. A’s event is delivered to B’s listener.
    – A
    gc.leaderboards.submit(lb_id, score, function(e) end)
    – B
    local function listener(e)
    print( json.prettify(event))
    gc.leaderboards.loadScore(lb_id, listener)

  2. The listener problem also affects the results.
    – A
    gc.leaderboards.loadScore(lb_id, listener) – my score
    – B
    gc.leaderboards.loadScores(lb_id, listener, {timeScope=“all”, playerScope=“global”, rangeMin=1, rangeMax=100}) – leaderboard

The result of the following A is not returned. Also, B only returns the results of 25 items. (If A is deleted, B normally returns 100 items.)

  1. Closing the leaderboard (Default UI) will shut down the app.

  2. If i submit multiple achievements at the same time, A bug appears in which unlocked items are reset to the locked state.
    gc.achievements.submit(ach_id_1, progress, showBanner, function(e) end)
    gc.achievements.submit(ach_id_2, progress, showBanner, function(e) end)
    gc.achievements.submit(ach_id_3, progress, showBanner, function(e) end)
    gc.achievements.submit(ach_id_4, progress, showBanner, function(e) end)
    gc.achievements.submit(ach_id_5, progress, showBanner, function(e) end)

AND If possible, it would be nice to include the leaderboardId in the listener event of the leaderboard.

1-3 should be fixed , 4 is a little more complex but will look at it soon

I’ve tested it with the latest version of the plugin.

Plugin version : 1.5.4 (12/4/2020)

Bug 1: Fixed
Bug 2: Still bug occurred
Bug 3: Fixed
Bug 4: Not tested due to setting issues

p.s: Thank you for your effort

4 should be fixed

Can you do something about the “orientation”-bug? If you are in Game Center view you can turn a landscape only app to portrait and leave the view ending in a cropped app view? (Just a cosmetically thing, but I try to get rid of it)