GoogleAds requires iOS Installs reporting to Firebase?

I’m trying to buy iOS installs with Google Ads, but they are requiring iOS installs be reported to Firebase (free) or to a third-party attribution provider (which is costly). Which of the various plugins is necessary for the iOS version of my app to be reported to Firebase? I have no need or desire to use Firebase for any other purpose.

I use Tenjin. It is not costly. They only charge for app open (and any event you send) and the first 1 million a month are free. It integrates with Google Ads just fine.

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@agramonte, thank you. Where can I find the Tenjin plugin?

Please remember you get 1M analytics events /month for free. They automatically log app open (and you can’t stop that) so if you want to maximize the events only add conversion events you want to track. The attribution call backs do not count so you can send unlimited of those.

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