Home Screen Widget - a really needed plugin

The Home Screen Widget is a feature I would like to see in Solar2D. I really need this plugin in some of my apps. I’d like to patron a plugin for this purpose.

Hope someone be interested

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This is way too complex to be done as a plugin and would most likely require changes to engine itself.
While I think it would be cool, better off just doing it in Solar2d native.

Well, I have submitted a post to upwork.com and a freelancer accepted the job. Anyway, I’m disposed to share the plugin with the community. Would be great to find someone who can update regularly the plugin. Of course, the Home Screen Widget have several settings and this plugin would have only a few of them.

Nice, I have been made a ton of native plugins and there is a reason why I have never made an Apple Watch plugin, iMessages plugin, or a widget plugin is due that plugins cannot interact with the build phase (especially iOS) and enable capabilities of Widgets/iMessage, etc.
Even if these capabilities are enabled by setting within the engine, people would want to change things and require swift knowledge or another engine.
I remember I did make a custom Lua engine for Apple Watch made to work with Solar2d, but it was too limiting. The logistics of making it work within the Solar2d sim were too complex. It would not just work and too time-consuming for a small audience that could just use native.

Unfortunately this is a problem that makes me not use 100% Solar2D for mobile apps, there are now some frameworks that already bring more ready-made plugins and libs for iOS and Android platforms, in this case Flutter for example. I don’t have the ability to create in the native and port to Lua, but if I had, I would dedicate myself just to that, sometimes I even envy the range of libs that are ready in dart compared to Lua in the mobile item.