Interference of Notifications.V2 plugin with push notifications from OneSignal in Android

We are using Notifications.V2 plugins in our app for showing local notifications. For Eg. The energy bar is full and the user can play the game now.

We have OneSignal setup for handling the push notifications. The problem is when we send a push from OneSignal Dashboard, the notification shows up twice. The first one shows up without the notification icon but has a default title and the message. The second one is the correct one with the icons and the correct title we put in before sending the push.

We have rigorously tested it on multiple devices before posting here that the Notifications.V2 plugin is interfering with the OneSignal plugin and showing an extra notification. This is only happening for Android.

@vlads can you please look at this? Many users rely on OneSignal for push and notifications.v2 plugin is often required to run in parallel as that’s the only official way to show local notifications so we reckon this could be a problem that many users already face or may encounter in the future.