Is Offline Build Beta available yet?

I thought I remember somewhere in the transition blog that Vlad or Rob had mentioned where on Github the Offline Build Beta was at, but I can’t seem to find it now. I would like to try it with my apps and report if everything worked fine or not.

Right here :slight_smile:

If you have a Mac you can get both builds running at the same time…

I no longer have any option to deauthorise, and therefore cannot do offline builds.
I’d like to get it working because currently there seems to be a bug where certain images/sprites are not displayed in compile, but fully visible in the simulator, and I’d like to test further.
Any suggestions please?

@ponywolf thank you for taking the time to do this.

I’m on a Mac and have a question about your step by step instructions. May I ask, what’s the difference between just installing the latest build as Corona-3597 in the Applications folder, and then in Zero Brane editor, Edit / Preferences / User and change the version to Corona-3597 (the Solar2D offline edition) instead of 3579 (the old Corona online edition)? I have found that in this way, I can still choose to Play in simulator or Build just as I would with an earlier version of Corona. Is there is a flaw in how I’m doing it?

Btw, I have found that when I change the version number in Zero Brane from 3579 to 3597, I have to exit Zero Brane and then restart it for the change to occur. And when I click Play to run the simulator, it appears to forget the device I was last viewing it with, so in Simulator, I have to go to Window / View As and choose a device before I can see it come up.

No difference, other than just selecting between the two within the IDE. I’d rather rename the directories than keep editing the user preferences, but that’s just a preference.

@ponywolf thank you. I think your way may be better. With the new offline builds, I have noticed that the simulator comes up in background and there is no device default to bring it up, I have to find the simulator in the bottom nav bar, then choose a device from Window>View As to see it. Does your method still have this issue?

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