Kochava Plugin non-compliant SDK (GOOGLE WARNING)

@vlads @Scott_Harrison - See Google warning below. Who will be the one to update the Kochava plugin? And in view of all your current tasks, when will you try and update it? Kindly requesting :slight_smile: -Troy

Your app includes non compliant SDK version

Sep 28, 2022 06:29

Your app com.myapp.PlayTrivia version code 1282 includes SDK com.kochava.base:tracker, 3.10.1 or an SDK that one of your libraries depends on, which collects personal or sensitive data that includes but may not be limited to Android ID, Advertising ID identifiers. Persistent device identifiers may not be linked to other personal and sensitive user data or resettable device identifiers as described in the User Data policy.

Starting from November 22, 2022 midnight (UTC), new app releases containing the SDK version(s) that do not comply with the User Datapolicy may be blocked from release. You may consider upgrading to a policy-compliant version of this SDK that does not include the violating code if available from your SDK provider, or removing this SDK from your app.

According to your SDK provider, you may consider upgrading to 3.11.0, and/or contacting your SDK provider to see if a suitable later version might be available. Google is unable to endorse or recommend any third party software.

ACTION REQUIRED: Upload a new compliant version AND deactivate the noncompliant version.

Read through the User Data policy for more details, and how to submit an updated app for review here.

If you’ve reviewed the policy and feel our decision may have been in error, please reach out to our policy support team.

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Will look at this later in the week

Hi @Scott_Harrison, any updates?

Looking at this now

Just to set expectations, working updating the Kochava plugin to the newest version and quite a bit has changed under the hood. I would not expect an update until the end next week.

@Scott_Harrison Understood. :slight_smile:

@Scott_Harrison What’s the status of an updated Kochava plugin?

I have the update (I actually almost emptied my trash :grimacing:) , just noticed GitHub never took my update from 7 day ago. Working on trying to upload it

Should be updated

Updating my app again to use the Kochava plugin requires additional work; so does “should be updated” mean, definitively, that the plugin has been updated and has been successfully tested?

The reason for the “should” is because sometime cache system in Solar2D and with recent releases there is a very small chance it might not get the newest version depending the time you build. You can easily check this by checking logs when you call .init and there should be a statement that mentions SDK and plugin version for “plugin.kochava”. “has been successfully tested”, it successfully pass tests I ran with the demo project.

Ah, good. So, what version number is the new Kochava plugin?

Both are using the latest sdks for Kochova is Android 4.1 and TvOS/iOS 5.1.1

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