Missing lua.dll

I have downloaded the recent release of the solar 2d software but i am having trouble starting it up. I keep on getting an error message that says “lua.dll missing from your computer”. I have searched the web for this “lua.dll” file but none of the ones i’ve seen work at all. I have re-downloaded several other releases of the solar 2d software but i always run into the same problem. Any one can help me?

Hi @Chinedum,

May be lua.dll was flagged as virus and removed. See Solar2D Windows install binaries flagged by Anti-Virus

I found this file in following folders on my computer (Win7 64bit, Solar2D v2020.3632)

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona Labs\Corona SDK\Native\Corona\win\bin
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona Labs\Corona lua.dll (194.3 KB)

Have a nice day:)

Thanks alot for your reply. I now understand why the ‘lua.dll’ files are missing, but could you please help me out on what i need to do to solve it? I tried the link you sent but it’s being rejected by McAfee. Do i need to configurate my antivirus? if so, please how?

I’m afraid this isn’t quite the place where anyone can tell you how to configure a specific third-party AntiVirus product. There should be a help menu in your antivirus program or you can contact their support.

Multiple antivirus applications including some others like Avast/AVG have given us similar trouble with the Lua.dll so this is not a new issue but you’d really have to deal with the antivirus company directly in this case-- their UI and options can be quite different based on what version you have so it’ll be quickest if you contact them directly.

I have McAfee running and ran into this problem as well. You need to go into your McAfee console and exclude lua.dll, then restore it. It may be sitting in your Quarantine.

Thank you so much!! your reply was very helpful. After a bit of combing the internet I found the solution to the problem. I will leave it here for anyone who has the same problem.

Search windows tab > VirusScan Console > On-Access Scanner(right click it) > Properties > All Processes > ‘Exclusions’ tab > Exclusions > add > Specify ‘Search by file type’ option and scroll down until you find the DLL file type, specify that and save all tabs.

This solution is dependent on your version of McAfee (if your antivirus software is McAfee). You should comb the web if this solution does not apply to you. The idea is to make sure your antivirus does not scan the ‘lua.dll’ file, if it does it will flag it and delete it. Thank you to everyone that helped me, really appreciated.