New Alert: Migrate to supported version of google play billing library

Hello, today I have received an alert message for each of my apps, indicating that you have to update the billing library to version 6 and there is time until August 31.

Action Required: Migrate to supported version of the Google Play billing library

We are introduced changes to the lifecycke of Play Billing Library and its associated low schedules. As you currently use an earlier version of the library, we want you to be aware of the new key dates that you must comply with:

Before August 31, 2024, all new apps and updates of the existing apps must use version 6 of the billing library or a later version. If you need more time to update the app, you can request an extension until November 1, 2024.

Does anyone know if you working on an SDK build to be able to upload the updates before the limit date?

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Ugh. This two-year deprecation cycle they’re on for the billing library is a drag.

Quick update: I logged the issue on GitHub and Vlad has acknowledged that they’ll take care of it.


@colinmorgan Can you share the link to your issue? - I‘m in the same boat.

This issue will affect everyone using Solar2D who has implemented. (Which is to say everyone who has IAP offered through the Play Store.)

I logged the issue on the Solra2D GitHub page for It’s here:

Perfect, thank you! :+1:

@vlads I‘m in the process of updating my app. Do you have any eta?

This warning for new app and updates to old apps.


Any update on this? Did anyone find a way around it?

Yes, Vlad has informed me that it is now resolved. you just need to rebuild. you don’t have to modify anything. I have done it and it has been updated to v6

Thanks - that’s great news!
I just saw on Github that also a new version has been released… I’ve missed this. I was just checking the issue and since it was open I thought it’s not yet addressed. Anyway, happy to see it’s updated and I can finally get rid of Google’s deprecation message! :slight_smile: