Plugins Fail

I just downloaded the ‘plugins’ folder. ‘’ from GitHub … where do place that folder so when I reference a plugin in my build-settings the sdk will know where to pull that particular plugin … both when running my app on the simulator and when I build it for distribution.

particularly I (in the past have used appodeal plugin and GameSparks plugin and I have used 1 or 2 of scottH’s plugins)


You can check, and for plugins. If you can’t find the plugin you are using in one of those sites, you need to find the plugin files on the Internet by yourself.

Just use the sim as this is automated (for most plugins). Nothing changes from Corona.

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Thanks for the replies guys. But I went to the [ ] and pasted the 3 lines of code into my build settings (which is the exact same 3 lines that I had there previously when I built the app under Corona.

warning msg in console output is : Unable to find plugin ‘plugin.gamesparks’ for platform ‘mac-sim’:

so besides cutting and pasting the 3 lines of code acquired from the link for that plugin … what am I to do, so the plugin can be found?

maybe this issue is gamesparks plugin is faulty? Does any one else use this specific plugin since Solar2D took over, without any issues?

I am using the daily build 3614, and will get 3615 tomorrow… but honestly do not think 3615 will correct this issue.


I don’t know if this documentation is still valid but it says osx instead of mac-sim:

Thank you bgmadclown, my settings are exactly like listed at gameSparks site. I set this up 1 year ago, and all worked fine.
Today I did upgrade to the latest daily build of solar2D, just 1 daily from what I was using and I did not get that same warring msg today. I don’t think this newest daily build made the difference; but for some reason I did not get the warning msg, even though I changed nothing in the build settings or code.
Thanks for you input!

Have you seen 2020.3616 build notes? Maybe it’s related?

Good idea, I will check out those notes.

@cyberparkstudios Do you really need to upgrade this app? I ask this because I have 2 apps that are still using GameSparks and due a few issues on iOS, I only build on native. I have the source code for GameSparks plugin that I can zip up and send you. I will have to find one that doesn’t have the changes I have added. Mostly updated the DMC libraries because the ones in the plugin are fairly old and added 2 properties to the GoogleConnection request that were never added by GameSparks. The big issue with simulator builds on iOS is that if the app is put on the background it will crash when restored. It has something to do with SSL and DNC WebSocket. It does not happen with a native build.

@agramonte, thanks. You’re always a great help. I was planning on rebuilding and resubmitting each of my apps, just so they are all not he same page (so to speak). I have sent you a PM regarding this.
Thanks again.

Sorry if I miss-represented. The source code I have (and have sent you) is the code that GameSpark had on github. I believe it is the same code that was used for the plugin. At one point when they stop supporting Lua they removed the code from Github. In any case this is what I continue to use adding and removing calls as they change calls or add parameters.