Ressurecting an old game built on old graphics packages

I had made a game on Corona way the heck back in like 2013. I’m trying to see if I can get it running again, but immediately ran into errors related to my project being on the old graphics 1 packages. (Can’t find sprite library, etc.) Googling / WaybackMachine indicates there’s a compatability mode, but enabling it as directed here doesn’t seem to do anything. Was this removed at some point?

If I need to, I can probably look into migrating to graphics 2, but I’d sure rather a “quick fix” if one exists. (All my rendering code is in isolated areas.)

Thanks for any info!

This will probably help; has link for legacy sprite lib.

Would need someone to confirm, but I got information that graphicsCompatibility was deprecated starting on release build 2017.3184. I don’t have a resource to confirm it, but there’s this in the source code which should be showing in the Simulator log.

I think there was a guide on how to convert a graphics 1.0 project to graphics 2.0, but I don’t have a link and don’t recall where I saw it.

If you’re really up for making your project work again then it’s still doable.
In addition to the information provided above, and the link you posted, if you’re using storyboard the lib is also still available.
Aside of that, there are minor changes to common code such as the way anchoring an object is done and color values now being normalized from 0 to 1 rather than a range from 0 to 255.

Hope that helps!

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In a blog post from Corona SDK days, it was announced that graphics v1 is deprecated on 2016.2830. Maybe it was delayed a bit but here is the initial announcement. → New public release: 2016.2830 | Corona Labs

Apart from that, I think you can make it with little work. I remember making the switch for an old project and it took me no more than a few hours. (I had to check if levels were working correctly.)

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