Review Popup not working with android

I’m trying to use the plugin to have the review popup and it’s working for ios but not for android.
Does anyone know why this is not working?

		,leftText=__("Donner une note via la popup")
		--,rightText=" "
			local platformVersion = system.getInfo( "platformVersion" ) or 0
			local versionPhone = tonumber(string.sub( platformVersion, 1, 4 )) or 0
			if( versionPhone >= 10.3 and system.getInfo("platform") == "ios") then
				local reviewPopUp = require "plugin.reviewPopUp"
				_print_r("IOS >= 10.3, review popup showed")
			elseif( system.getInfo("platform") == "android") then
				local reviewPopUp = require "plugin.reviewPopUp"
					_print_r("before ready")
					if e.status == "ready" then
						_print_r("after ready")
				_print_r("Android, review popup showed")

How do you know it is not working? It does not show up every time and unlike the apple one it the behavior is the same regardless of if you built it for debugging or live.

It might be because of how Google handles its review API.

This may be the cause:

Also, I vaguely remember that Google’s In-App Review API doesn’t guarantee that it will open up unlike Apple. I’m not sure if they changed this though.