Scott Tech Review Popup Plugin Callback

I don’t know if this is the right place to be asking but I am integrating Scotts Tech [“plugin.reviewPopUp”] into an app I am building . On the show() call there is no call back as far as I can see. How do you determine that the review was shown and submitted by user to award a reward ?


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Are we allowed to give rewards for reviews?

Thats a good point … I am not sure now you mention it … maybe that is why there are no callbacks !! I will check Apple docs … I thought I had seen released apps on app store with that functionality … hopefully someone on here will know

I used to offer rewards for reviews and installing other games that I have in same account .

I wasn’t asking for 5 stars reviews, just reviews.
Also I was very clear about rewards after downloading my other games. I wasn’t asking to play them for X hours or keep them for long. Just to click the banner, download them and the reward was given.

The amount of the reviews and downloads I was getting was very nice but I removed this option because some people told me that it was against app / play store policies (especially asking from users to download other games for reward).

Maybe something has changed or the people that gave me the information were wrong.
I would like to hear more people about this too!

Rewarding users for reviewing your app may be perceived as trying to manipulate reviews, even if everyone receives a reward regardless of what rating or review they leave. Such behaviour is prohibited by Apple’s developer guideline 5.6.3. There’s another rule that states “Apps must not force users to rate the app, review the app, download other apps, or other similar actions in order to access functionality, content, or use of the app.”, see 3.1.1(a). Giving someone a reward for leaving a review could be seen as giving them access to content.

TLDR; don’t incentivise users to rate/review your app.

As for the callback feature, I believe Apple doesn’t let the developer know anything about the review process. You can request the review prompt, but whether or not Apple shows it or what the user does is hidden from the developer.


XeduR … Thank you for your very thorough response. I was looking for the rules and that explains the lack of a callback I think. Thank you for your advice. I will remove the reward element and just have a rate app button, not sure how many users will use it but we will see. Thanks again