Scott's Google Sign in plugin will stop working with upcoming Google Changes

Hi all

I use as I only need a simple log in mechanism and the GPGS plugin only works on Android.  

On March 7, 2019, all Google+ APIs and Google+ Sign-in will be shut down completely -

I received a warning email today and it would appear the plugin will very soon fail as it is making O Auth calls to

Can the plugin be made compliant by not using Google+ requests or is there a simple Google sign in solution that works on both Android and iOS?


Google SignIn (without the +) still works for iOS and Android and it is the recommended migration path for Google+ sign-in. 

Here is the Android integration information:

And the iOS integration information:

Don’t know if a plugin exists.

GameSparks has plenty of options for easy sign-in’s. I’ve never used them, but they support just about every network.


Hi thanks for making me aware of this, let me take a look at the docs and see if it can be updated.

Scott’s Google Sign in

I am also using this plugin.

As of today, will this plug-in work?

There is a report that my application does not start from my users.

iOS had just been updated to the newest version of the google sign in sdk

Thank you.

Is it OK to continue using “Scott’s Google Sign” plugin?

Scott said he updated this on iOS. I don’t know what his plans are for updating this on Android. It may work on Android already. I think only Scott can answer this.


The problem is the use of Google+ API calls and therefore this affects both iOS and Android.

@Scott, any update regarding this?

I’m noticing that soft fails are starting to happen (as Google said it would).


The SDK was updated for iOS, I checking on android. For Android, the google+ api was never used, just the build in the account management system for Android.  As far as I am aware you should be good, as long as you don’t add google plus to scopes.

Hi Scott and thanks for the update but I’m confused.

You say the plugin is not making Google+ API calls yet Google has identified that I am making OAuth calls.  Please see this

As I do not use the GPGS plugin these API calls can only come from your plugin.

I only use 

googleSignIn.signIn(appId, nil, nil, onLoginComplete)


At least one other person reported that Google was sending out false positives for this, but I believe that was a bogus email.

Could this be cases of people who’ve not updated your app yet, still showing calls?

@Rob, I don’t think so as I only integrated the plugin last June.  Also, Scott said (last post) that he has never used the Google+ API.

OK, follow up email from Google…

Earlier this week we sent you an email related to your projects that will be impacted by the Google+ API shutdown, which also affects requests for Google+ OAuth scopes.

The email listed that one or more of your projects are requesting the “” scope, and would thus be affected. We would like to clarify that only projects _ directly _ requesting the “” scope are affected. This scope may have been listed in some emails, even if not directly requested by your project. We apologize for any confusion caused.

^ good to here, just looked over the android plugin, using the latest version corona supports 15.0.1

Thank you for your reply.

Is there a problem with the plug-in as it is now?

Can I continue to use “Google Signin” using “Scott’s Google Sign”?

Do I need to update the plugin?

If you build your app you should pick up the latest version of the plugin, but you would have to do a new build to pick up the changes.


I am not aware of any problems with the plugin before the update. I just decided to update the ios version to the lasted verison

@Scott_Harrison, I’m trying to use Google Sign In, and the window comes up asking me to select an account, and when I do, my code returns with Error Sign In 0. A ZERO. Any idea what’s going on?