Serial Connection over Bluetooth using Arduino

I am working on a project that uses an arduino to transmit data from sensors via bluetooth. I originally used LabVIEW as a proof of concept, utilizing the bluetooth in my computer. 

It essentially creates a serial communication through these devices. I set the same baud rate, and see a stream of data. 

I assumed this was really easy to add into my prototype I created in corona, but I am quickly finding that not to be the case. I have seen a number of people trying to do something similar using an arduino. I am not sure if any of the bluetooth plugins support BT classic. 

After working with the spiralcode bluetooth and finding that they do not support classic (even though it’s mentioned as an option in the documentation) I am changing over to the Scott Henderson bluetooth plugin

I find it quite strange that this functionality is often glossed over when people use arduino’s for so many little things. If anyone has gotten this to work within corona, please let me know. Otherwise, I think I might just have to recreate what I have in Android SDK similarly to the implementation found here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

My plugin currently only supports the Bluetooth Library on Android.

It does not support BLE, it supports “Classic” Bluetooth.

On iOS supports BLE and not “Classic” Bluetooth, due to the fact that iOS only supports BLE.

Any update on this?  I am looking at doing bluetooth/Arduino with my class next year and wondering if it is possible?


Bump. This is the last discussion I see of serial comms on this forum, and it’s four years old. I have a client who wants to have his Solar2D app talk to an OBD-II via bluetooth, I don’t see a way to do that in the API docs and didn’t see any plugins that looked relevant.

Has anyone pulled this off yet, via plugin or native code?

Can anyone at least advise the best course of action here? I have a fully functioning Solar2D app, a new requirement calls for serial communications over bluetooth. I’m thinking I’ll have to write a custom plugin for both iOS and Android.

I find the Solar2D plugin documentation lacking, however. Is there a good video tutorial anywhere? I have existing C code that can do the serial communication, I’d like to wrap that in the plugin, for both platforms if possible.