Storing data for tvOS

In my app I write and read from Documents directory, however I noticed that does not work on apple TV. I’ve come across with this thread File storage, I noticed there was some talk about NSUserDefaults, however the thread is 5 years old, was something changed? Was NSUserDefaults implemented? Or some other solution?

I have at least tried to use KVS on iCloud, however when I test it on tv it does not work. Maybe I do something wrong however I do not know how to get console report from tv (my apple tv does not have usb port, so I test using Live Build option). Is there a way to get the console log wirelessly? (my Mac and Apple Tv are connected through Xcode, however through Wifi)

Ok, don’t worry about my question KVS, fortunately I found tutorial on iCloud plugin at old corona website, that helped me to clear set it up. However local storage, if possible might still not be bad idea.

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