by Jason Schroeder

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The Stripe plugin gives you the ability to accept payments in your Corona SDK app via credit card, bank account, bitcoin and more using the Stripe online payment platform.


Hope everybody gets some good use out of this plugin! I think it’s pretty easy to use, but it’s fully documented at

I’ll monitor this thread so feel free to post comments, suggestions, or (gasp!) bugs/issues here. :slight_smile:

Here’s a demo of an early version of the sample app (also available on my site):

Woo Hoo!

Does it accept PayPal?


@sonic: sorry, no. Stripe is something of a competitor to PayPal so they wouldn’t accept PayPal as a payment method. There has been talk of somebody else putting together a PayPal REST API plugin, however.

Ahh. No problem. I was just wondering. This would be cool tho. So you can make like your own store app type of thing. I might take advantage of this in the near future! 


I like to use Stripe plugin to get credit card payment, 

but I readed somewhere in the forum that Apple doesn’t accept apps using other payment methods than their IAP

It’s still true ?

I need to send my App Store and Google Play, there are other limitations that I have to know ?

Thank for help


Hi Giorgio,

Apple won’t let you use Stripe or alternate payment processors to circumvent their IAP methods. So you can’t use Stripe to unlock levels or purchase in-game coins, for example. But you can use Stripe to buy real-world goods (think Venmo or the Amazon app). Hope that helps.


Thank you Jason,

for quick and exhaustive answer

I’have to sell a service, so I think stripe work fine for me and I think it’s ok for App Store too

Thank you again


Hi Jason,

Can we use stripe for payout? I have an app that will payout customers and will receive on their bank account if ever.

Hi @rhaineyensid,


Sorry, but my Stripe plugin for Corona only supports making charges, not disbursements. The Stripe platform could certainly do that, but you’d really need some sort of back-end to manage that, and if you’ve got a back-end running, it’s really better form to simply perform all Stripe activity directly from your back-end to Stripe, and to use your own API to send requests from your app to your back-end.


Sorry I can’t be more help, and thanks for using the plugin!




Hi Jason,

We want to know if it is possible with your module to make multi account.

We have an application that displays the map of our restaurant customers and we wish to add the payment.

When our application starts the user enters a merchant code and the application retrieves a json file with all the info and the corresponding restaurant card.

Is it possible to create a stripe account for each restaurant and retrieve the identification key from the stripe account of the restaurant to dynamically set the api stripe instead of static.

thank you

Hi Patrice,

If I understand correctly, you’d like to be able to change the stripe public/publishable keys in real-time based on user input, correct? If so, then that shouldn’t be a problem. You can just call stripe.init() again, and pass in the account keys for the specific Stripe account you want to use. There’s no limit to how many times you can do that, and each time you’re basically re-defining the Stripe account to process charges against.

Hope this helps!


Just wanted to ask if the plugin is still working?


I’m also interested in adding stripe as payment method to our apps. Is the plugin still supported?