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You can share your new Corona-built apps as well as any unique developer stories that you might have.  We welcome you to continue to post about your new apps and development projects here in this forum.  Just start a new thread for your new app.

Please note: Only submit apps and games built with Corona, Corona Native or CoronaCards.


Your Developer Relations team

Hi Rob, My new app has been approved by Apple and is now “Ready for sale” It Will be launched at the end of november. Should I wait or can I share now with the new submission form? Thanks Olivier

We kinda need to see it in the store or be able to check it out.  I suspect you will have to wait until it goes live.


Ok thanks !

Hi Rob! 

Music4Kids featured in “Best New Apps” section in 21 countries on the AppStore ! :slight_smile:

Hi Rob

I submitted my app few weeks ago… Music4Kids

How do I know if it was popular or not ?

How much time does it potentially selectable?

Thank you

Best regards


We have a person who goes through the submissions and picks the app of the week.  There is probably no communications to anyone not selected.  I’m not involved in that process.


Ok Rob thank you


9mind7 - The life changing app -

9mind7 ® is a revolutionary app that has as its purpose, supporting the improvement in human relations and self-development through the use and wisdom of the Enneagram.

How many times have you tried to please someone you like and your efforts were completely misunderstood? How many times have you felt the frustration of miscommunication, being understood completely contrary to what you intended? How many times have you felt your thoughts, emotions and impulsive behaviors affected your most willful intentions?

With the 9mind7 ® app, not only will it be possible to understand your patterns of thought, feeling and action, but also to achieve sustained strategies for growth and improvement.

9mind7 ® also allows you to learn more about the personality of the people around you. The whole process is developed in a dynamic and interactive way, using the logic of game as a resource.

Playing 9mind7 ® you will develop skills in recognizing other personality types. In a fun way, you will learn how each of the nine types of personalities reacts regarding relationships.

Good Morning,

My brother, nephew and I have been working on three games for around four years now.  We are a family of gamers.  When we go on vacation we play board games like Axis and Allies.  When we’re home on the weekend we hook up with Xbox.  We’ve been doing this for a few decades so I guess we were due to create our own game!

Last Tuesday our game " Game of Stones" was approved and released into the Apple App store!  WooHoo! 

I like to think we’ve done something new.  I think we may have created an entirely new class of game.  I’ll call it a “Finger Swoosher”.  In order to do well  your finger is going to need to stay on that screen!  I just hope no one gets blisters playing it!

I want to thank everyone in the Corona community that’s helped us a long the way!  A big shout  out to Rob Miracle for all of his help over the past few years!

Game on!

Arthur A. Roberts


FREE New iOS Game - Crash Course Cube - Perpetual Field Runner is Available Now! Made with Corona by an Indie Developer. It’s at:


Good Morning,

My second game TechnoMagic 1.0 has finally been released!  

TechnoMagic 1.0 is a bit of multimedia short fiction that reveals the story of Dr. Edward Steele as he discovers the true nature of Magic.  The story progresses as you solve puzzles and surmount various obstacles.  

My first released game, Game of Stones was actually pulled out of TechnoMagic to become a stand alone game.  I plan to do the same with two other mini-tames in TechnoMagic.  The next game to be released though is called Pictaroo and hopefully that will be in the next month or so.

Big shout out to Rob Miracle whose helped me along the way

Arthur A. Roberts

Prove that you’re best pilot in GALAXY Download this game

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We puplish on the play store Stronghold. It will be available on the apple store in a few days or weeks.

I develop every things:

  • 2,5D

  • Interactions between units

  • The time:

      - Play/Pause

      - Accelerate mode

      - Different type of timer (onFrame event,timer, transition…)

      - The fall of the number of FPS (the game comport normaly with no slower things, with over than 10FPS the game looks great)

  • Optimization (the game is over 25FPS with more than 2000units on the map)

  • Drag and zoom of the map

  • A complete menu, with onglet, slides, buttons and banner.

If you have any question, I am here to anwser.

Don’t forget to share the game.

Artha France


After android the game is available on IOS and Amazon.

Thank you Corona SDK to help me to develop this cross platform game.

App Store

Google Play

Amazon Store

Hi Rob,

I’ve just filled the form and submitted my game here. Hope to get some exposure :slight_smile:

The Game

Tower Crush is an epic indie game where you build 1 tower, up to 6 floors, load them with weapons, upgrade, evolve and defeat your opponents in fantastic battles. A combination of action and strategy!




Launch Trailer

App Store Links

App Store:

Google Play:



Cleverson Schmidt


Very nice looking app!  The art is super.   And if i may say, your app is ‘clever’!


Hello all,

I released my second game with Corona SDK and would love to hear your reviews and feedback.

It’s called “El Rapidor: The Clever Biker” and it’s an endless-runner-ish =)



Also, I wish the best for the community after the Appodeal acquisition announcement this morning, noting that I had integrated Appodeal in this second game  B).