Tapjoy with Appodeal plugin

Hello, yesterday I received this message from Amazon App Store:

Your app submission does not meet one or more of our acceptance criteria for some or all targeted devices. Failure reason(s) are listed below:

Your app appears to be directed at children, and contains an SDK(s) whose terms of use prohibit its use in children’s apps. Please remove the SDK TAPJOY and resubmit the app. Alternatively, if you use a restricted feature set of this SDK, please send a confirmation email with the details (such as details about your data collection practices or a screenshot of the restricted feature set toggle in your SDK configuration) by visiting the Contact Us page and selecting the category “Appstore” and the Topic “Content Policy Results”.

But I only use Appodeal with “base” and “admob”…How can I remove tapjoy sdk? or another solution? thanks.

Any suggestions?