Trying to setup Unityads plugin and going in circles with Corona Siimulator

Ok, building a game (isn’t everyone??), finally getting close and trying to get the unityads plugin to work. I have the plugin name properly in build.settings.

I init the plugin, no error. But when I go to assess or unityads.isLoaded() I get the following error in the Corona Simulator:

unityads.isLoaded() WARNING: The UnityAds plugin is only supported on Android & iOS devices. Please build for device

I believe I’ve set myself up correctly on Unity, I have a project and generated an IOS and Android id. I’ve overridden all behaviors to force everything in TEST mode. But I can’t seem to get things to work in the Simulator.

Is this even possible???


The error message is quite clear, you can’t test ads on the simulator. You must build for an actual device (and then use test ads).

I was afraid of that answer. Was looking for a quick workaround but good now that i figured out debugging on phone.

Total noob here. Thanks for responding.