Unity ads plugin

With the latest unity ads plugin there is a bug. First load of app, init fires and there is a response so I load the waterfall. Close app.

Cold start the app and there is no response to the init phase.

Why is this stuff not tested on device (in this case Android). I can’t release with a broken plugin!

In the console I can see this warning

ERROR: unityads.setPersonalizedAds( bool ), init() should only be called once

So it looks like the plugin thinks it is already loaded (there is a cached ad) and it skips the init altogether.

Odd, I just build using the test unity project and do not see that error and I get test ads, when are you calling setPersonalizedAds?

The plugin changes are not working correctly on Android please see new post explaining the problem.

On the second load of the app (after being closed by the button) you can see there is no init phase or any other phases.

I tried on Pixel 6a which is running Android 13 and I still cannot reproduce this. In your demo are there any other build settings or plugin that could be causing the issue?

As you can see, my demo was the same code as yours. But I added a button to close the app.

local exitButton = widget.newButton {
    label = "Exit",
    width = 100,
    height = 40,
    labelColor = { default={ 0, 0, 0 }, over={ 0.7, 0.7, 0.7 } },
    onRelease = function(event)

Simply call native.requestExit() and you will see the problem.

Note: We had a similar the same issue with the Vungle plugin a while ago.

This needs better testing under all scenarios.

Is there any update on this? Have you managed to reproduce it yet @Scott_Harrison ?

I’ve got a game live that needs this fixed.

Yes this was fixed