Updated GoogleSignIn plugin

@Scott_Harrison, when running my app in the simulator, I received a WARNING…

 "You are using on unsupported plugin, please see updated plugin on solar2dmarketplace.com"

When I click the View Updated Plugin button, it brings me to the GoogleSignIn plugin page.

How do I delete the old plugin?

Will the new one download automatically?

When will the WARNING message go away? Right now, I have to click IGNORE every time I run my app in the simulator.

This warning means you using the Google Plugin legacy Corona Marketplace instead of the Solar2D Marketplace plugin.

I would make sure:
You have Google Sign Activated for your account
Your marketplaceId is valid and in your Google Sign In build.settings
Then I would delete your plugin cache (delete ~/Solar2DPlugins and ~/Library/Application Support/Corona/Simulator folders)

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@Scott_Harrison after removing the plugins, my builds are now missing Facebook.v4a - now what?

Close Corona Sim and relaunch

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