Facebook SDK (outdated?) and possibility for logging app events


We were trying to set up some CPA campaigns on Fb ads for one of our apps and were prompted by FB to first integrate their SDK and log events from the app so that they can track installs.

I have gone ahead and integrated the v4a plugin as that seemed to be the latest version as per the documentation and the init was successful. Now, the FB Events Manager claims that our SDK (iOS in particular) is not up to date and will not work for iOS 14+

As for logging events, I also don’t think this is supported by the plugin which, from what I have understood, will make it impossible for us to run CPA ads for the app so I was also wondering if that is something being planned?

Thanks in advance

I run CPA ads on Facebook. I use Tenjin and then you can send the events over to Facebook. I turn them off and on based on where I am advertising.

And yes the FB plugin will not work for iOS 14+ campaigns.

Can you give some details on how youre doing this? in the FB ads manager, i did not see an option to use tenjin for attribution even though they had listed some others like appsFlyer. Trouble is that it won’t let me publish a cpa campaign until I either set up app events through their sdk or use an available third party option

Tenjin documentation.

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The Facebook v4a plugin is using SDK 12.3 which was released in Jan 18, 2022. While not the newest version I certainly wouldn’t say it’s outdated.

Will probably update this month and will be sure to include App Event support

Hmm. Their events manager shows a message that our ios sdk is outdated so I’m not sure what’s going in there. I did only just add the plugin to the build so I’m pretty sure it’s the latest version. Will be a big help obviously if you get around to updating this month as well as adding the events feature.