Plugins for New OFFLINE builds 3595

I’ve created this topic because I’ve answered many devs asking how to access the plugins for the new, latest, OFFLINE builds. PLEASE ADD WHATEVER YOU CAN so that this topic can be of benefit to others.

NOTE: According to @vlads, all plugins where the publisherId=“com.coronalabs” are automatically downloaded and do not need any new references. They are to be accessed in the same manner they are for the older ONLINE build process, for example:

in build.settings, in the plugins section…

  ["plugin.facebook.v4a"] = {publisherId="com.coronalabs",},
  ["plugin.notifications.v2"] = {publisherId="com.coronalabs"},
  [""] = {publisherId="com.coronalabs",supportedPlatforms={["android"]=true,["iphone"]=true}},
  ["plugin.kochava"] = {publisherId="com.coronalabs",},
  [""] = {publisherId="com.coronalabs"},
  ["CoronaProvider.native.popup.activity"] = {publisherId="com.coronalabs",supportedPlatforms={iphone=true}},

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: If you COPY any of the plugin references in this thread with the intent to PASTE them into your build.settings plugin section, you’ll want to make sure to grab the entire line, because this forum system will often not display the entire line or even wrap it; you’ll need to put your cursor in the topic and scroll to the right to grab the entire line before copying it.


For these two plugins by @Scott_Harrison

  --for OLD ONLINE BUILDS 3579-3583

Hey. Code for old builds should now work in new builds too.

You can ge beta build of simulator for Mac here:

Please, before using custom URL check if plugin is in free Solar 2d directory. Many developers submitted plugins there, and it is much more efficient than custom URLs.


FANTASTIC @vlads @Scott_Harrison @Lerg

Figured I’d add to this thread since you seem to be linking to it from various others. Our new marketplace is almost ready for launch and operates a lot like the old Coronalabs marketplace. Most notably, it handles plugin packaging for you.

For pure Lua plugins, you just upload the zip that the / build.bat command generates, just like before. Our marketplace produces the appropriate tar.gz packages from this and generates a working build.settings chunk to drop into projects, + offers the tar.gz files as for direct download to drop into native projects.

For native plugins, we provide a template based on the old native plugin template ( ) which just needs populating with the appropriate .jar / .so / .lua plugin files within each appropriate device folder, again just like before. Our marketplace creates the tar.gz files and working build.settings from this, and again offers direct downloads for inclusion into native projects.

All resulting files are hosted on CDN for quick distribution, and the generated build.settings files are populated with personalised, (GDPR safe), urls that pass through middleman scripts to check license validity for that user.

In a nutshell, plugin vendors don’t need to understand any of the tar.gz packaging to host their plugins on our marketplace, and plugin users just need to copy a build.settings chunk into their project just like with the old marketplace. It’s all very intuitive and documented.

Hopefully I’ll be launching and making an official announcement before the end of the week.

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@richard11- Is your marketplace the solar2D marketplace or another one?

@vlads - the new Beta build works, however, I’ll need to keep using the custom URL for Scott Harrison’s iOS AppleSignOn plugin, until you add it.

It’s already added

@vlads Thank you - I have just confirmed that it works now with the Beta 3599.

It’s but we’re not live yet. If you follow the link you can sign up to be notified on launch, and I’ll of course also be posting here in the forum’s and on Slack when that time comes.


All Develephant plugins are now in the open directory, visit to browse and install plugins. Requires build 3599 or better.


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